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Hybrid 3 Studios has been designed as a place where musicians can hone essential skills needed to become successful. We have three separate studios are sound insulated, acoustically treated, secure and have private parking available. All of them are air conditioned and fully equipped with a PA and backline. Our aim is to give you the best rehearsal space, with less distractions so you can focus on your music. The more you hear what you’re playing the more you can improve, and develop your sound. When you rehearse at Hybrid 3 Studios, you elevate your sound and get the most out of your time and energy.  

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Advancements in technology in recent decades have made recording and mixing music easier than ever before; at Hybrid 3 Studios we embrace change and innovation. That’s why we offer you a range of recording services reflecting the shifting nature of the music industry. Come to us and plug in your I-phone or laptop to our ambient microphones and record your demo for free. Our resident engineers will be only too happy to guide you through our Ethernet recording facility that gives your band direct access to production quality recordings. You can even take your sound to the next level with our full studio production and high-end audio mastering. 

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Do you need help getting your band to the next level? Are you struggling to make yourself heard in that very crowded market place?  If you are not sure what the next step should be to get your music out there then we can help. At Hybrid 3 Studios we believe in being there for you as much as your music. We can provide you with expert industry advice, specialist services and create opportunities designed to suit your needs.   From PR, photography and video production to matching you with the right a record label, graphic design for a website of finding you gigs – we can help.  When you come to Hybrid 3 Studios, we help you make your band a brand.

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